The Madisson Barbie is a rare collectible item that is a great addition for top mannequin collectors based locally or internationally. She is of mixed West African descent, born to a Ghanaian mother and a Sierra Leonian father.

      Beyond her direct parentage, additional DNA components contribute to produce such exotic and unique genetics in this Nubian Barbie doll! Although created in Philadelphia, PA, The Madisson Doll is also known as The Luxury Gypsy, forever wandering and exploring all corners of the world from the Middle East to Europe to the Caribbean islands, to South America and to the Orient.  

      The Madisson doll has lived in many different locations for varying periods of time. She attended boarding school studying a variety of subjects under the British secondary educational system, ranging from Pre-technical skills to agricultural studies, in Adenta, Madina in Ghana, and Monrovia, Liberia.    

      The Madisson Doll later attended Delaware State University, where she studied Healthcare Administration and Nursing. While there, she realized her true passion was to cultivate her creative being in every facet possible, which led her to withdraw from university.

      While living in New York City, The Madisson Doll pursued a career in fitness modeling as a perfect size four. She then branched out into acting and theatre classes to broaden her creative pallet. She also rediscovered her childhood passion for ballet and hip hop dancing.

      The Madisson Doll possesses a deep passion for singing and songwriting. Such penchant for music runs in the Madisson family collection. Her mother was a Julliard trained violinist, and the majority of the women in the family collection were singers!

      Unfortunately for the Madisson Doll, her passion for music was restricted due to her guardians’ strict demands that she focus all her attention on her schooling during which she maintained a perfect attendance record while always making the honor roll. Come middle school, she was finally given the opportunity to learn a musical instrument and she wound up playing clarinet in the school band.

      She became a great sight reader and was often a featured soloist during rehearsals! This experience elevated Madisson’s love and passion for music to the next level, and exposed her to new genres of music!

      No longer hindered by guardianship restrictions, The Madisson Doll has begun to sing and write again! After many years of consistently practicing and honing her craft, Madisson has cultivated her own unique sound and writing style, influenced by her many travels around the world, her interactions with others as well as the personal life experiences that shaped her into the Madisson Doll that she is today.

      As the oldest of her siblings, Madisson has developed strong leadership skills while maintaining the ability to collaborate alongside others for various creative projects in the worlds of music, writing, modeling, styling and creative direction as a whole!

      The Madisson Doll brings a smile and laughter to anyone who crosses her path. She asserts that age does not determine a person. Rather, it is one’s personal experiences and exposure to others that shape her being.

      The daughter of a comedian father, Madisson Doll infuses her writings, short films, parodies, reality show concepts, video blogs, with her trademark humor often targeting sensitive and taboo subjects! As her grandmother would often say “teeth don’t always laugh at good things”. Those who have had close interactions with the Madisson Doll all state that she has a heart of gold, and a pure spirit brimming with positive energy and good vibes!

      Although the Madisson Doll is most likely to be seen in a stylish dress with striking heels, she is a tomboy at heart who enjoys playing ping pong, soccer and basketball, and riding motorcycles, jet skis and ATVS. She also loves kickboxing and gun ranges!

      While the Madisson Doll also has a mischievous side, she has evolved into a conscientious young lady. Nonetheless, she has not lost touch with her rebel edge.

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